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Take an Ottawa Adult Hockey Skills course and get the instruction you need to learn the fundamentals of hockey and skating.

We offer a range of courses
designed for the true adult beginner to the competitive intermediate player.

Beginning May 2, 2017

Join us on Tuesday mornings to get your hockey fix this summer! This course is great to maintain and build new hockey skills over the summer months. Skill development will be taught mainly through on-ice stations, offering a variety of drills and repetition. This course is open to registrants with a minimum of two years playing experience.

Beginning September, 2017

Gear up for the official start of hockey season by sharpening your skills on the ice! With the warm weather ending and the autumn season approaching, learn all the fundamentals that will help get you into the game! Join us on Monday mornings for a great class that is geared for players who are just starting out in hockey and for those who want to continue to improve their fundamentals! This class is open to all adults, including rookies.

Beginning September, 2017

Once again, we are offering our Tuesday morning intermediate class. This class is aimed at sharpening your skills in a variety of different areas! Please note we do recommend players to have at least a couple years of playing experience for these classes.